Classic Menu

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Main Courses


Grilled Barramundi fillets topped with mushroom & cheese sauce then oven baked. Served with a side of chips.

Mediterranean Seafood

Roasted Premium Seafood mix of Salmon, Barramundi and Calamari pieces in a lemon and herb sauce. Served on a bed of Couscous.

Cabbage Rolls

Mince meat stuffed cabbage rolls, cooked in a rich tomato sauce Served with sour cream on the side.

Hunter Schnitzel

Marinated Chicken breast covered in bread crumbs and pan fried. Served with beer battered chips and homemade Prego sauce.

Beef Goulash

Tender beef chunks sautéed with sour tomatoes, carrots, selected herbs and spices. Cooked in ceramic pot with potato & fresh dough lid. Served with garden salad.

Vegetarian Hot Pot

Seasonal vegetables baked in ceramic pot topped off with cheese.

Meat Rissol “Kotleta”

Freshly made Rissoles pan fried. Served with chat potato and green salad.


Chicken is seasoned with our smokehouse rub, which imparts a savoury-sweet flavour, then the bird is grill-roasted along with carrots and potatoes.

Beef “French Style”

Premium cut steak oven roasted with caramelised onion, topped with mayonnaise and melted cheese. Served with fried chat potato.


Assorted Savory Pies

Traditional Russian “Pirozhki” made in house either fried or baked. Ask for filling on the day.

Potato Cakes (Draniki)

3 pc Served with sour cream.

Fried chat potato

Served with dill and garlic dressing.

Beer Battered Fries

A side of fries with sour cream or tomato sauce.

Baltic Herring Fillet

Served with marinated onion and chat potatoes

Russian Rye Bread with Thyme

Borodinsky bread - serving of 3 pieces.

Cured Speck “Salo”

Traditional Russian cured speck, shaved & served with Rye bread and pickle.


Traditional Russian deep-fried turnover filled with meat and onions.


Strawberry Romanoff

Fresh cut strawberries dowsed in liquor and topped with whipped cream

Crepes with Strawberry

Served with Ice cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Served with chocolate sauce.

In house Bake of the day

Chefs choice.

Cake of the day

Chefs choice.

Crepes stuffed with sweet Ricotta

Served with Vanilla ice cream.


Green Salad

Seasoned vegetables topped with salad dressing

Salad Vinigrette

Traditional Russian salad made with beetroot, potato, onion, carrot , pickled gherkins and peas , dressed with olive oil.

Meat or Potato Dumplings

Traditional Russian potato dumplings made in house, Served with sour cream and caramelized onions.

Herring Salad Shuba

Salad with herring, beetroot, potato and egg, topped with mayonnaise dressing.

Crepes Coachmen style

2 Savory pancakes with ground beef filling served warm with mushroom sauce.

Salad Olivie

Traditional Russian salad made with potatoes, eggs, pickled gherkins, carrot, peas, onion And chicken meat, dressed with gourmet mayonnaise served cold.

Soup Borsh

Famous Russian dish cooked on a hearty meat broth with red beets, cabbage, potato, carrot and tomatoes. Served hot with shallot and sour cream.


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